Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I've had the luxury of time to read a few magazines this week. I came across this good tip:

Don't spread your art works arund the room. Instead cluster them all on one wall to make an impact. The blank walls will draw your eye to the cluster. This will bring a less cluttered look to your room.

I tried this in a couple of rooms and it worked.

Here's the result in our family room. What I love best is the mix of artists. The 3D tuatara is by Morgaine Wakelin (a Nelson artist); the cabbage tree limited edition print is by NZ artist Tom Burnett; the hei tiki was a gift I gave DH; can you pick the Hotere? And the other 2 are by me. Talk about art extremes.


angel gurl said...

we have done that with our photos on one wall, but not the art. Like that tip and we might have to give that a go. I think that wall would be a great conversation starter.

Rachel said...

Hi Mel

Happy new year!
That looks fantastic, I just want my house finished so I can get some art work lol - it is a work in long progress!

Penny said...

Looks good! I keep trying to convince DH to do something like that with his photos we have on the wall. So far I've managed him to group a pair....

Anonymous said...

Looks great... I want to do this with some photos, in different frames but all grouped together.