Thursday, February 14, 2008


The pros and cons of working from home (well most of the time) (and thanks to Cathy Zielske for the inspiration):

Pro: I can wear my smelly gym gear to work and not scare anyone

Con: I have a wardrobe full of gym gear and bugger all work clothes

Pro: I can work at any time of the day I like

Con: A deadline is looming and I'm on the computer at 11pm

Pro: I get to take the kids to school every day

Con: Phone calls from clients as we're driving to school

Pro: I can choose not to answer the phone (hallelujah to caller ID)

Con: I forget to check caller ID and hear "Is this a good time to call?"
"No problem!" I say as I mouth to the kids "GET IN THE CAR, WE'RE LATE!"

Pro: I can eat healthy food because I can prepare it myself

Con: I give in and raid the cupboards and eat crap

Pro: I don't have to do the housework because I need to do my 'real' work

Con: No one else is going to do the housework if I don't.


Penny said...

so true so true....

Angel Gurl said...

Love it......I can relate to some of those pros and cons in relation to study tyhat is.