Thursday, November 22, 2007


C and I were watching an episode of Oprah (OK we 'fess up!) and Oprah was interviewing Grey's Anatomy star Chandra Wilson. They were talking about people always wanting to be someone they aren't. One day I'll be thinner, richer, more clever, happy etc. And Chandra Wilson was talking about the speech she gave when she won a Screen Actor's Guild award. She said when she gave the speech she said it for her daughters. She wanted them to know that it doesn't matter what your colour or your shape or size. That WHO you are is what matters. She said this great line during the Oprah interview and I had to write down:

"I'm good enough. Already. Right here. In this skin.Where I am right now."

Make sure you know that for yourself.


scrapgeek said...

What a wonderful thing to say :)

Penny said...

A good thing to remember!

Annie said...

Mel that is so true. We just have to remember that all the time don't we.

p.s Congratulations on your great win of the duvet covers etc. Well done.
Hope all is well with you.


Ali said...

Ok so I have to confess that I saw that particular episode of Oprah too Mel and I thought it was awesome. It's a shame that I am 41 and only just getting this message Lol! Better late than never eh?

Janine said...

so good to hear Mel!!! Love that concept and I agree we all need to hear and say that.