Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Sometimes when kids are sick don't you just think "oh, you'll be fine in a day or two?".

Miss 12 had two days off school a couple of weeks ago. Two days off school last week. And on Sunday she wasn't feeling well again. Headache, sore back and neck, threw up (in the way to Father's Day yum cha!). I said "I think I'll take you to the doctor in the morning."

So I'm on the phone talking to my sister (an ED nurse) and just mention Miss 12's illness. "I think you should take her to the after hours doctor now" she says. DH has just flown out of town for work so I get my other sister to sit with Mr 7. At 8pm we head off to the after hours doctor. The doctor is worried.

The doctor sends us to hospital. Lots of tests. Questions. Care. Blood tests. Temperature 39.2. Miss 12 cries. She has a viral infection. I guess it could be worse.

We get home in the wee small hours. She needs to stay home this week. A nurse from the chidren's unit will phone us every morning. To check her progress.

She was very sick.

Bad mother.


Janine said...

Get well soon Caits. Mel, it doesn't make you a bad mother at all. With all these bugs going round its hard to pick out what someone has and how long it will take them to recover. The good news is she is in the best of care and is on her way to recovery.

Penny said...

You aren't a bad mother Mel - it's a tough call sometimes to know if it's worth taking them especially if it's a virus which can't be easily treated.

I've taken Tim before, only to discover the thing I took him for (rash, suspected chicken pox) had disappeared by the time we got there.

scrapgeek said...

No - just a normal mother I think. Most of the time they ARE better than they make out they are. Hope she gets well soon!

Lynda said...

Oh dear - poor Caits and poor Mel. I so know how you feel. Nick broke his arm on Thursday and I didn't get it seen to until Sunday - just kept telling him off for whining!

Hope Caits is feeling much better really soon.

Kirsty said...

Hope she gets well soon. It can be a hard call sometimes to tell if they are really sick.

~Zeetra~ said...

OMG poor Caitlin. I hope she feels better real soon.


and your not a bad mother!!!!

Tracy said...

oh dear poor thing, hope she is better soon!

karen said...

hope you all much better soon.

Annie said...

You are so not a bad mother. You did what all of us do with all the virus around. It's so hard to know when it's serious or not. You did everything right.
I hope she is feeling better now.


Lynda said...

Mel you are so not a bad Mum.Sometimes it is so hard to know.I hope Caitlin is feeling better soon.