Thursday, August 30, 2007


So the world-famous Nic Howard convinces me that I really should make a much bigger felted bag. Messenger style so you can 'wear' it. Hands free. And I should make it for her. So I did and it's very cool. I want it!

Here's a sneak peek.

And here's a peek of what Penny created - her original design. Feel free to get inspiration from it but please don't copy it exactly - we like each bag to be different!. Isn't it outstanding?

Checkout my new 'eMpTy bags' blog for more pictures.


Penny said...

Saaaaaaaaaaay - what a good idea :)

Tracy said...

Coooool, you are so flexible :)

Lynda said...

Oooh very cool bags, you are so clever with those.

Debbie said...

That is an awesome diea - can't wiat to see the final product.

Rebecca said...

Hi mel just popped by to say Hi. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Love your empty bags. Do you make any other pieces using felt.

I should put Kerrin quall onto you. She is getting into felt work in a big way (although she is not quite felting yet)

Sandra said...

Hi there

Penny sent me over to check out your felted bags.

I'm a knitter (and scrapbooker, amongst other things, lol) and am keen to learn how to do felting.