Monday, July 02, 2007


So what music do you like?

When I'm by myself at the gym I cannot work out without music. Sometimes I'm with my trainer, or doing a class or working out with a friend and I don't bother, but when I'm by myself I stick my headphones on and kind of zone out. Most people use upbeat songs to get them going at the gym. I sometimes do. But sometimes I listen to ballads. My MP3 player gym mix includes - The Feelers (current total favourite), Queen, Yellow Card, Green Day, Norah Jones, Eric Clapton, James Blunt, Crowded House, Dave Dobbyn and Evermore- shall we say eclectic (overused word, I know, but apt).

Despite having the latest technology I confess to being a bit of a techno-phobe. I love my red MP3 player(surprise present from D) but I have to get D or Miss 12 to download my music. D is great at sneaking in the odd track he thinks I'll like. He is a bit harder rock than I am but I usually like his surprises. I think I like that he has chosen them for me.

We love it that our kids love music and get pleasure from it. Cait loves Good Charlotte. I love it when a song comes on the radio and I ask "who sings that?" and they race one another to answer. Even Elli at 7 can tell his Mika from his ELEMEN OP. His favourite band is My Chemical Romance ."I'm an emo!" he tells me!

So different from when I was a kid. My Dad only ever listened to opera!


Janine said...

"E" cracks me up. An emo lol, too cute. I agree music is all good. No MP3 player here but the stereo and cd player in the car help me get through.Love your taste in music. LIke you I have varied taste too.

Angela said...

Yes, I have a varied range of music too, from country like Glenn Campbell
and Kenny Rogers..... to new stuff, love Nickelback's Photograph...... Gun's n Roses, James Blunt, Josh Grobin...... Chicago, Manhattens, Bee Gees, Bread, Abba.... Mmmm, wide range.

We didn't listen to music as such at home growing up, mainly just the radio, so that was a wide range of music.

Penny said...

I like a "restricted" palate of music ;-) Mainly because I'm not a big music listener. Not that I don't like it but it's not something that crosses my mind when I sit down to do things. I like it in the car on long trips and in concerts best.

~Zeetra~ said...

Hi ya,
just popped in to see what you have been up to. Happy belated birthday Mel.

Would love to catch up sometime.


karen said...

I like a range of music. but rarely know who sings a song I like. I'd like to sing along but I've been told *too often* that I shouldn't LOL

Tracy said...

Hi Mel
I like a wide variety of music and have several playlists on my ipod that I listen to depending on my 'mood'. I love it that there are lots of 'old' songs ie from when I was younger that the kids enjoy now, they pop up in movies and adds and the kids can't believe that I know all the words to the songs, lol!