Thursday, June 28, 2007


I read a piece in the Dominion Post this morning where some arts guy I'd never heard of was asked to talk about 6 random things that he loved. Not people. Places, buildings, art works, inspiring places etc. So what are some random art inspirations you love? Post them on your blog and leave me a message.

Te Papa OK, I know the building is not everyone's cup of tea but what I love about it is really random. It's the floors (yes, the stuff you walk on!) on the inside. Last time we were there I remember thinking about the design that had gone into the floors . They are amazing. Check it out next time you're there and see if you get it, too.

Ralph Hotere I particularly love the Hotere sculpture on the corner of Lambton Quay and Stout Street in Wellington. The one that looks like a fallen pillar. Love that. We are very fortunate to own a Hotere. A very dear friend gave it to us. A very special gift.

Rarotonga. A very special place for our family. The colours and flowers and fauna are amazing.

Books. A totally random one. But I get a lot of inspiration to create from the written word. I think I like words better than pictures.

Cast glass I was first introduced to cast glass by Fiona Richter who over a couple of weekends helped me to make my one and only ever cast glass creation. After that experience I totally respect cast glass artists. It's an amazing medium.

PS Happy birthday to D - we're the same age, again!


Janine said...

those are some interesting inspirational things you picked Mel. Love the glass work. Hmm I think will post my inspiration on Friday. I too love books.

Lisa66 said...

I love the glass work too. Will have a think about my inspirations and post them on my blog later tonight.

Penny said...

Done it! Love glass art too - it's amazing.