Tuesday, April 17, 2007


"Celebrities in Los Angeles and London do it; tenpin bowling in the environment of an urban cool bar and it's here in Wellington with The Lanes, on Wakefield Street."

And on Saturday night D and I and our friends did it. Tenpin bowling. We went to Floriditas in Cuba Street for dinner first (highly recommend this place) and then, for something completely different, we hit The Lanes bowling alley about 11pm. It's R18 after 6pm. Adults only. Awesome fun. Very cool bar. Not too many high scores. A few laughs.

So today we took C and E and their cousins to Bowland in Petone. First time for both our kids. They loved it. Can we go back later in the week, Mum? Well maybe we just might. This bowling thing could be catchy.


janine said...

love bowling its so much fun, have walked past that venue several times but am yet to go there.

Roo said...

I have never done ten pin bowling but would love to one day and take my son. Sadly nowhere to do it up here. Sounds like you had a fun time.

karen said...

Love ten-pin bowling. Lots of fun :)