Friday, January 19, 2007


I haven't scrapped for weeks. OK, maybe months. Not that I haven't been doing creative stuff - I made those Christmas boots and baked (that's creative isn't it?) 10 batches of biscotti (do you know how many pieces that is? Hundreds.) homemade lemon curd, lemonade, worchestershire sauce, mini whole nut and fig cakes. I made labels for the baking (with scrap stuff). I made cards. So you get the picture - I've been creative but not scrapbooking. Until this afternoon.

One 12x12 layout using Elliot's class photo from 2006 - whatever do you do with those photos? Since it's been so long I thought my style might have changed. But no - clear lines at first, mixing and matching patterned paper, chipboard and then doodling. Like I usually do. But that's OK. (Actually you can't really see the doodling in the photo - lots of dots, hearts, words.)

And then, I made the kids portfolios that I've done for the last 3 years (thanks for the idea,Wendy). Just three manila folders clipped together ready for school stuff (reports, certificates, photos of art work and a few bits of writing). very simple. 30 mins to make 2. But they are done and I haved started scrapping again.


Janine said...

whoo hoooo Mel, I love that layout. I like the colours and the clean simple lines. Funny how we return to what we like, simple and clear lines are my favs too......You are very organised with the kids folders for the coming school year.

karen said...

Love the layout. Love the words. And great way to use a school portrait.
Of course you've been creative! And having a whole bunch of fun as well. Keep it up :o)

Annie said...

I love that Layout. It would be awesome on a canvas too.
I've also used Andre's school photos in Layouts.
Love the folders too and Yes - you have been very creative.

Delys said...

Love the LO Mel! Great idea with the manilla folders. mmmmm thats a heck of a lot of Biscotti! Well done you biscotti queen you! lol

Andrea said...

Thats given me an idea for dog club stuff ... ta!