Wednesday, January 17, 2007


We got back late last night from Nelson. Here are some of the highlights:

Best beaches: Kaiteriteri and Rabbit Island (can't believe I'd never had never been to either, despite years of visiting Nelson)

Best mosquitoes: Murchison

Best fishing: Mapua Wharf

Best exercise: Walking up the hill to the Centre of New Zealand (in Nelson)

Worst experience: Elliot falling off the wharf at Mapua (into water over his head, hmmm)

Best playground: The waterfront, Picton (and the tractor at Grape Escape, Nelson)

Best shop: The Bead Gallery, Richmond Mall (they also have a branch in Nelson). Wonderful staff showed me how to knot Stretch Magic properly. Now I know.

Best educational experience: Elliot finally learning where milk comes from (at his cousin's dairy farm in Murchison)

Best music: Anything that isn't 'My Chemical Romanc'e which was played by the kids goodness knows how many times on the car stereo.

Best overall: Family time. Priceless.


Janine said...

lol at your best music comment. Sounds like a wonderful time away. So it has to be asked, how did E end up in the water?

Dave said...

Now WHY do you guys get all the sun!! :-)

I suppose our turn will come in about five months... Take care and enjoy it while I enjoy my icicles! :-)

karen said...

Love your holiday synopsis :o) Family time best of all, never mind where you are

Debbie said...

Mel sounds like an awesome time....i must say you looking amazing, so happy and healthy...