Sunday, September 24, 2006


Today we went with our friends, Hamish and Rebecca, to visit Rebecca's horse. "Forrester' lives in Ohariu Valley.

Cait was nervous, Elliot was excited (his first time on a horse) and I was rapt to be back in the saddle. It's 20 years since I last rode a horse. This was only a little ride around the arena and I felt like a total beginner but it was cool. Caitlin got more confident and both kids were able to have a go off the lead. Forrester is a very large but very calm horse and it was a real treat.

Elliot was very proud to report that "I steered by myself!"


karen said...

How cool! We used an arena for our *butt-conditioning* practice before the horse-trekking ... great to have a safe place to build confidence.

Janine said...

Wow Mel you and the kids look good on the horse. Go you for getting back in the saddle.

Penny said...

Clippety clop!
DS loved his horsey ride last birthday. He didn't want to get off and wailed all the way home, "Mummy, horsey p'eeeease!".

Lara said...

cool Mel (I haven't really ridden since being thrown off, breaking my leg & spending a week in Balclutha hospital) Nice for the children to have a go & get used to horses. And Ethan's a box of fluffies :-)

Donna said...

Go you! Looks like a fun day to remember.