Sunday, August 13, 2006


Photo lifted from Donna Downey's blog (taken by Heather!) - can you see me?

One word to describe the weekend - INSPIRING!

CC2006 is over for another year and wow. It was INSPIRING!

Most inspiring class: Cathy Zielske - A simple life - WOW!

Most laughs in a class: Donna Downey- Imagine the Possibilities and Freeze Frame (those Fiskars drills will never be the same again)

Best accent: Ali Edwards ("Yes, Ma,am)

Best Bag: Mine (the Donna Downey one - sooo many people commented on it. Thanks, Heather)

Best food: Friday night at Chameleon with Fay, Shani and Rach

Best laugh: Janine's garden. You had to be there but thanks to the lovely Janine for inviting me to her hen's party. Not only some great laughs but a wonderful opportunity to catch up with fellow scrappers . Will friends like these, Janine....

Best photographer: The gorgeous Karen (you know her as Girl Friday). The scrapbooker with the best blog in NZ who actually carried her camera (a Canon Rebel, no less) with her at all times and got the shots (don't forget to send me a pile!). How cool to meet Karen and her have stay on Saturday night. That was awesome.

Best experience: Meeting up with so many of my 'imaginery' friends. The people I chat with via their blogs or various online forums we belong to. Without exception they were wonderful, kind, sweet, generous people. What a pleasure to call you friends. You know who you are girls - you are great!


karen said...

Mel you are Too Generous ... I better get those photos on CD and in the post :)

Penny said...

glad you all had a geat time :)

spenser said...

wow..that sounds pretty darn neat

Janine said...

Mel, it was lovely to catch up during the weekend and again on saturday night. Thank you for the lovely layout. lol at the garden. Karen sure is quick with that camera of hers.

Lara said...

love your term 'imaginary friends' sounds like a fantastic weekend all round!

Lynda said...

What a perfect wrap up Mel! Awesome to finally meet you in real life

Lynda said...

Hi Mel.It sure was a great weekend.

I couldn't think what garden you meant.DUH Me.

Off to put myself to bed.

Delys said...

Sounds like an awesome time! Hey thanks for the swap pin...that was lovely to think of me.