Friday, August 11, 2006


No more sleeps! In half an hour I am off to CC2006.

Last night I dreamed about it. In my dream the classes were held in a mountainous bush valley. Each class was held in a hut and you had to trek for miles (in 30 minutes!) to get there. My first class was with Donna Downey (as it is today!) and when we got there she made us make stuffed turtles out of revolting fabric. And she was about 80 and laughed when we told her she didn't look like the bubbly, young thing on her blog. "Hah - " she said. "Do you think you would have all come if you knew I really looked like this?".

It was bizarre!

But today won't be!


Jessejames said...

So ... how have the turtles turned out then!

karen said...

Oh Mel that is too funny! (I didn't read about your dream before CC.)
And it was great to meet people and realise how *accurately* and also how *wrong* you could be about knowing someone from their blog!! LOL
Love the scrapbooking fraternity don't you?