Monday, August 21, 2006


ELLIOT -age 6

Mumma" said Elliot in the car "why do people have to get old?"

What would you say?

Now before you answer a question like this you have to understand a child's motivation for asking it. No, Elliot was not worried about his parents getting old and dying. He wasn't worried about his grandparents slowing down as they age. He was thinking that he didn't want to be a 'middle' (year 3) at school next year. He hates school and the necessity to sit and be obedient and do what you're told all day. And he knows that next year it'll be harder. And at age 6 he quite often tells me that he wishes he was still at kindy - where he could play all morning and life was just fun.

Caitlin - age 11

Caitlin entered her second karate tournament yesterday - a tri-angular tournament between dojos in Lower Hutt, Wellington and Palmerston North. She was delighted that her all-girl team took a silver medal in the team kata event (a team of three who perform a synchronised kata (set moves). Caitlin was the leader which meant she had to call the moves. Some kids do this in English but she did it in Japanese - because she can!


Penny said...

ummm... because if we didn't get older we wouldn't be able to experience things like being old enough to ride the rides at Disneyland? *trying to think of some age dependent thing that might appeal to a 6 year old, not stuff like being able to vote, have alcohol etc etc LOL!*

Go Caitlin :-) Hope the kata went well - I used to love doing them. Very invigorating.

karen said...

Mel .. isn't it great that you have two kids so you are constantly reminded how different we all are! :)

Janine said...

Isn't it interesting that at 6 Eilliot wishes he was still at Kindy!! Sometimes at 37 I feel that way :-).

Go Caitlin on the tournament!!! How exciting for her and the rest of the team.

Jane said...

awww ! bless little Eliot

Lynda said...

Way to go Caitlin! LOL Elliott, too cute. Hey Mel, thanks so much, I got a really pretty sparkly brooch in the mail today. Love the colours you used!