Thursday, June 15, 2006


Thanks for all the wonderful emails and comments about the Dominion Post article. Darryn has received dozens of emails, comments and calls about the article - what a buzz. So encouraging. It means a lot.Thank you.

I found this weeks ago in a back issue of a US magazine - I loved it.... The writer won a competition entitled "Why I love scrapbooking" (I've edited it a bit)...

"I want my children to know who they are, cherish how they came to be, and realize how much they are loved… My photos could not speak for themselves. I knew I had to speak for them.
My photos did not capture my love for my children… but do they really know how much I cherish them? Will they remember when their children or grandchildren ask them? Will my values be clear to them when life is crowded with everyday, mundane tasks?
I wanted them to have a point of reference, something tangible, even if I am not there, like a blanket to cover them when they are cold. I had to create something to remind them in the darkest hour how much they are loved. It had to be something that gave them joy to look at...
I began scrapbooking and soon realized that it is so much more than just documenting history. I have since discovered other reasons that also define my love of scrapbooking—things that surprised me. It has stirred a creative need in me to express who I am.
I no longer work at a regular job, so scrapbooking fills that void in me, the part of me that wants validation that I’m still useful. Every time I complete a layout, I get a sense of well-being, a feeling of accomplishment. I have discovered this is a core love of scrapbooking, to be able to satisfy that creative urge and give me a sense of usefulness.
Secondly, it gives me an outlet to express emotions that I would not otherwise share. I tend to keep my feelings to myself, and scrapbooking allows me the freedom to share those feelings with those around me that I cherish. This is an enormous gift to be able to share with those that I care so deeply for.
I embrace the artistic side of scrapbooking, the visual gratification, to know that when I am finished and view the layout, I love what I am looking at. .. I love the look and feel of the various textures of my scrapbooking supplies. My legacy of love will be a real book that will stand the test of time and be there for comfort reading in the future.
I treasure that scrapbooking is invoking long-forgotten memories in me. The kind about how my children made me laugh, or cry, or swell with pride. The kind that help me remember why I fell in love, so that when my daughter confides in me that she is in love, I will understand. The kind that lets me remember how Christmas morning felt to me as a child, so that I can share with my grandchildren and understand how important baking cookies is and going to the park. I love it because I remember how important it feels to learn to ride a bike or listen, truly listen, to a child.
I love scrapbooking because it makes me realize life is too short to live angry or feeling guilty or wishing you had more. It has made me appreciate the here and now and pay attention to the little things, like a loving glance, a wistful sigh, a sunny day, and snowfall blanketing a city in a sheet of white. I love scrapbooking because it has allowed me to find focus in my life; it has taught me to look beyond what is evident. It has taught me what is truly important. I love that it allows me to capture memories, but more importantly that it is letting me make new memories from a totally different perspective.
Mostly, though, I love scrapbooking because it makes me appreciate life more and has added a rich dimension it. After all, isn’t that what life’s all about? "

Sharon Whitehead Vernon, BC, Canada


Janine said...

I think we need to remind ourselves why we scrap. I went through that a few weeks ago. Certainly helped me scrap again.

Onas said...

Oh I like that - why is it that other ppl sometimes just don't get it - they think it is cool and all but don't get it.

Lynda said...

That is very definitely inspiring and it gets me thinking big time. I am feeling the urge to go an scrap some pics of my kids right now instead of working on my art journal.

Jane said...

oh Mel- thats so cool. I will print it off- sooo inspiring. Thank you

karen said...

I love the specifics of *why* we love scrapbooking, because it's the detail - the everyday stuff - the reasons - that make it special for each one of us ... and our families.

Donna said...

I can so identify with that. Thanks so much for sharing it Mel!

memoryfairy said...

Oh Mel! That sooo spoke to my heart! I'm reading it & nodding - yep, that's me, oh yep that's me Ohhhhh yeahhhhh that's why I scrap. You know how you get a tear in your eye when you see truth...well, I'm just wiping that tear. Thanks for sharing :o)

Dianna said...

Just in reply to your last post, that is so awesome both of you losing so much, really inspiring to hear the benefits to all of your family.