Tuesday, June 13, 2006


A few people have asked me where they can read the Dominion Post article about Darryn.

Here's the link to the online version



Lynda said...

Mel, thanks for that link. What an amazing story and well done to Darryn and you. That is such a huge effort and you guys really deserve the benefits that you are reaping. I forwarded the link onto my DH who is trying really hard and has so far lost 12kg, and feeling a bit lost at the moment.

Penny said...

What an inspirational article - and good on you both for doing so well. It's definitely got to be a mindset/lifestyle thing doesn't it? I started to do something about my weight earlier this year and having the right attitude made it so much easier. You have to have that long term view combined with celebrating the short term acheivements in order to be successful. It's amazing what even a few kgs loss can do for your energy levels.

I was interested in the low carb aspect mentioned in the article as that approach has worked for me too.

Keep up the good work both of you.

memoryfairy said...

Well done Mel & Darryn. I'm on the same buzz that's why my CJ is on veggies :o) Aren't the results on biggest loser AMAZING!!

Janine said...

Awesome article and awesome effort by you both. You are amazing people and what great role models you are for your children. "Go the Thorns"

Ali Dub said...

Whoo hoo go the Thorns! I read it and proudly told everyone in the tea room that I knew these wonderful people Lol!

karen said...

Thanks for sending the article ... so cool to know you two Famous People!!

Kirsty said...

Wow, what a great story - so inspirational. I didn't get the Dominion so thanks for sharing the weblink. Good on you both and keep up the awesome effort.

Raewyn said...

Hope you don't mind Darryn (& Mel) but I have printed out the article from The Dom for my weightloss inspiration file. WOW you are both amazing. Congratulations.

btw - I linked to your blog via your comments on Ali E's blog.

C U in August at CC2006!