Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Boulcott School production is taking over our lives at the moment. If it wasn't for hours of hot gluegunning of costumes now we have performance week. A matinee on Monday afternoon and 3 evening (6.30pm) shows Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

The Thorns volunteered to look after the door last night and tonight (and to sell raffle tickets - gotta screw the parents for every last cent of fundraising dosh possible!).

The costumes are great- if a little over the top for a school production - but hey, the kids love it. The production was written by 2 of the teachers and tells the story of a kid who hates books who is introduced to the magic of them. Each class does an item based on a book - Where the Wild Things Are; Narnia; Cat in the Hat.... and Elliot's class- The Rainbow Fish. Very cute. Hard to photograph at night but here is Elliot's class back in the classroom after finishing their item last night.

And here's Elliot leaving the stage (he couldn't resist playing air guitar during the singing - even though it wasn't meant to be part of the act!).


Janine said...

can you blame him? he was improvising lol. Sounds like an actor in the making. I love the concept of the play. I have where the wild things are and rainbow fish and cat in the hat lol....I love childrens books..... Go the Thorns on supporting the school.

karen said...

Love the air guitar!
Great story about books too. I reckon a love of picture books stays with you forever.

Delys said...

Love the pic of the air guitar..what a character! Love the hats and costumes..thats all part of it and they just love it too aye?

Lynda said...

Cool costumes, doncha love school productions.

Sandra said...

Hi Mel. I've visited your blog before but not commented. Now committed to commentiong more (read my blog for explanation)
Kids gain so much confidence from school productions too. Especially if the whole family is involved.
PS: I have an Elliot too, he is 13

Ali Dub said...

Oh soooooooo cute. That kid of yours is such a hard case - makes me giggle when you tell us some of the things he says.