Monday, June 26, 2006


Just reading Janine's blog makes me exhausted. I need her to come around here and help me sort out the chaos that is our kitchen.

Elliot is home sick with a high fever and vomiting virus (a midnight visit to the doctor in the weekend as Elliot told me his "brain was going to pop"). The doctor told me it would last 4-5 days. Great!

In the meantime the joiner arrives tomorrow to measure up our new kitchen. This weekend we're off to Taupo so the builder (a friend of ours) will take advantage of the empty house to rip out the old kitchen. That means I have to have all the kitchen contents stacked into 'the blue room'. Currently half of it is done; there are piles of stuff sitting by the front door for the Salvation Army. I'm so pleased that I have embraced this opportunity to get rid of stuff that's been sitting in the cupboards for the past 4 years. Only problem is that people (husband, kids, parents, friends) keep peering in the 'discard' boxes saying "You can't throw that out!".

The rest of the kitchen looking a tip. Despite the knowedge that the old cabinetry is actually going to the tip I've carefully spray and wiped all the empty cupboards. Couldn't stand for the builder to think that I am the sloth that the filthy cupboards indicate I apparently was!

So now we have the prospect of no kitchen for 4-6 weeks while the new one is being built. Luckily our barbecue is on our covered verandah and it has a wok burner but I don't fancy cooking out in the cold. I'll plug in the crock pot, sandwich press and toaster on the kitchen table. We'll see how long we can hang out without takeaways!

Roll on Taupo!

Roll on new kitchen!


Donna said...

My DD has had the virus & sorry to say yes it was 5 days long!!
Sympathies with you on the kitchen. Been there before but the effort will be very worth it!! Have a fun trip to Taupo!!

Janine said...

ewwwww at Elliot being sick, poor mite. AT least it should all be over before ya trip to Taupo.

lol I am a hurricane when it comes to cleaning and spring cleaning. My motto is if I haven't used it in six months it goes to Mary Potter where some one else can get use from it.

Hmm maybe when I am a poor student next year and need an income I could sell my organisational skills lol...

karen said...

How cool .. the kitchen is on the move!!

Lynda said...

Oh poor Elliot, hope he recovers quickly and you manage to get some sleep in between times. Woohoo on the kitchen, isn't it amazing how much we can accumulate in our cupboards.

Sandra said...

Hey I feel for Elliot. Nothing worse than being a sick child (well...maybe looking after one)
Good for you with the kitchen chuck out. My DH is a hoarder and I think I've caught it off him. Looking forward to piccies of the new kitchen when it comes.

Penny said...

Poor Elliot :(

Exciting about the kitchen though!!!

Jane said...

Hows Elliot now ? is he feeling any better ? poor little man.