Friday, June 02, 2006


Way back in April our family did the Allison Roe Run2Heal 5 km walk. Our first family organised walk. All entrants were eligible for the sponsors prizes. I won a Bendon Sports Bra. Elliot won a major prize donated by DVD Unlimited. It's taken weeks to arrive. We were told it was a pile of DVDs and a t/shirt. It wasn't. When Allison Roe found out Elliot was only 6 she got the sponsors to send him something different. It was worth the wait. It arrived by courier last night.

A brand spanking new Playstation2!

I wish you could have seen Elliot's face.

In his own words : "My eyes nearly popped out of my brain!"

We already have a PS2 in our playroom but it doesn't matter. He thought this was way cool. Now our family has a dilemna to resolve over the weekend. What to do with it?

a) let Cait put the old one in her bedroom (Elliot's idea. Parents don't like this option - and it would be a one minute wonder - she doesn't use the old one- and we don't like stuff like that in bedrooms)

b) give away the old one and keep the new one (I like this idea but who would we give it to? The only friends I can think of who would love it are on a very low income and the games are so expensive would it put pressure on them?

c) sell it (or the old one) and let Elliot have the money or donate it somewhere (but he's 6 he doesn't understand the value of anything - all his pocket money goes into the bank anyway)

d) keep it as a backup because, Murphy's Law, the minute we give it away the old one will break down (this option seems a bit excessive)

e)some other option

Let me know what you think?


Janine said...

First of all congrats on winning a prize yourself! And wow at the play station prize Elliot won. I could imagine the look on his face! Awesome prize though.

Eeeks at the decision. So many things are running through my head.

Rememeber last year at xmas time you guys gave some money to the ladies who ran the house in the Hutt? What about selling the pld Play station and giving them the money or using the money to buy them something they need. From memory your kids loved being able to do something like that.

At the end of the day I am not much help I am afraid......

Lynda said...

Wow, what a huge surprise for Elliot, I can just imagine how happy he would have been.

Good luck with the decision. I think I would be giving away the old one and keeping Elliot's prize.

Ruth said...

way to go on the win!! I like Janines idea of sellng the old one and giving the money away to someone less fortunate.

I really admire your unselfishness in being happy to give/donate something to others.

karen said...

Hi Mel and Happy Birthday!!
I like the idea of selling one (whichever!) and donating the money to a cause you are interested in, or Elliot's interested in(?).
Congrats on (both) your spot prizes. Such a buzz to be a winner as well as a participator, isn't it!

lianne said...

Oh that's so cool. Maybe if you're not sure just yet, wait a bit and the right thing will become obvious - that's my theory anyway. LOL.

Dianna said...

I think wait abit as well, it could be good to use to take away on holidays as a back up. Congradulations to Elliot you know thats Allison's sons name as well.

Penny said...

Lol at his comment! :)

Think I'd make sure the new one worked and then sell the old one.

I had to giggle about the comparison between a Playstation prize and a Sports bra prize! Hee hee!

Ali Dub said...

Wow Fantastic for Elliot to win ( and of course a free Bendon Sports Bras aren't to be sneezed at either).

Love that you guys are so generous and I too would be giving (the older one) away to those less fortunate. I agree with not putting it in Caits room - it's bad enough when they take their phones in there Lol!

Best of luck with your decision (yeah Caitlin thought I was mad screaming out "Hi Caitlin", it took her a while to twigg I think.