Friday, April 14, 2006


Caitlin and Elliot spent yesterday morning painting some canvasses that Elliot had received for his birthday.

Elliot decided he'd paint a "love heart".

Caitlin piped up, "Why do people call them love hearts? It's not your heart that you love with. You actually love with your soul!".

You love with your soul.

Feeding my soul at other times involves visiting Keisha's blog. She is one of the primary people I go to for scrapping inspiration. I like how original she is. She does her own thing. She uses the latest stuff but makes it her own. She has white paper on her layouts (white paper!). She lives in China. What Keisha can't do with a frame isn't worth doing. Thanks for the inspiration, Keisha!


karen said...

Mel, that is so ... right.
Love Cait's words, love your frame, love your inspiration.
Happy Easter

PS. laughing at you and Darryn being "mean parents" according to your comment on my blog ... You, mean ... NEVER!!

Janine said...

Wow I love the frame!!! Fantastic. I must check out Keisha's blog. From what I can gather she does amazing things with coasters?

By the way what a cool conversation to overhear between Cait and Elliot. That is a layout in the making.

Cait is wise beyond her years!! If only some adults could understand that concept.

Lara said...

thanks for that link - great blog! Cait's canvas is great (how nice of Eli to share) love her insigt into love!

Michelle Tibble-Williams said...

great canvas and agree fully about Keisha she rocks!!

Anonymous said...

Great canvas! With you about Keisha! Very inspiring in her own way.

Donna said...

Oops, that was me!

dallas said...

Awesome canvas, and a very wise girl! How do kids have such insight?! Keisha is great huh, hugely talented!

Mel said...

OK - my fault - it's not a canvas! That's a Keisha-inspired frame! Sorry to mislead you all (except Janine who figured it out!). It's only about 3 inches square. The 'canvasses' the kids were painting were actual paintings - not a scrap in sight! LOL -Mel

Mel said...

Ooops, Karen figured it was a frame,too!