Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I forgot to do Self Portrait Tuesday yesterday. Too bad - this month's topic is hard - April Fool's. I don't have any photos of me fooling around (in any sense!). Heck, I hardly have any photos of me at all. So I'll skip it this week. I'll try harder next time, promise.

Anyway, Caitlin took this photo of D and I at Staglands today. Staglands is in the Akatarawa bush. A 20-25 minutes drive off the main road north of Upper Hutt. 17 kms on a pretty windy road - not one I'd want to travel very often.

We took the kids to see the animals (Auckland Island and kune kune pigs, deer, donkeys, ponies, rabbits, trout, peacocks, heaps of native birds (and some very cute kea) and for a walk around in the great outdoors. Elliot was petrified of one animal... the donkey! For real. This donkey was cute and friendly and walked up to you looking for food or a pat. It was very cute. Elliot couldn't cope with how 'forward' it was. He's used to animals being a bit more reticent, I guess.

And guess what I had to walk over? Another damn swing bridge. I didn't fuss. I just walked over it. This one was shorter and lower than the heart-stopping killer one a couple of weeks ago but what is the story? Two swing bridges in a couple of weeks. What have I done to deserve this?


karen said...

Hi Mel, lucky you to forget SPT ... I agree, the April fool topic is Hard (I don't think I do anything silly!!).
Had to laugh about the swing bridge though ... you're conquering your fears, one bridge at a time! :)

Janine said...

Waves to Mel. Like Karen I had a wee giggle about your second swing bridge in so many weeks. Go you for just doing it!! Nice photo that Caits took.

Lara said...

go the swing bridges! You'll be a pro in no time. Maybe we need to be a bit more silly??!! (Laughter is the best medicine).

Rach H said...

oh Staglands ..........that brings back many memories. I so want to take my kids there but being dairy farmers we always visit my parents in the Hutt in the winter!!!
Mel so love your daughers words!!!
And along with the canvas.

karen said...

Hi Mel, no SPT on my blog tonight (25 April). Silly isn't quite 'right' for ANZAC day.
Very relieved that next week will no longer be April and there may be a new 'better' topic for SPT.

Lynda said...

Way to go Mel, soon you will be going on walks only if there is a swing bridge involved. Great pic that Caitlin took too - a budding scrapper there.