Tuesday, March 07, 2006


The theme for Self Portrait Tuesday this month is time.

My first photo is simple. It's my wrist. Where a watch would go. I don't wear a watch. Don't own one since my Christian Dior copy watch (purchased in a sugar plantation in Malaysia - but that's another story) died. I'm always on time. I hate people who are late. I consider it the height of rudeness. I'm never late but I don't wear a watch.


Lara said...

I'm with you on the late thing - hate when at a meeting or something & someone comes in late & the speaker stops & summarises what has been discussed/decided for them!

Mel said...

I laughed at that comment, Lara. Darryn tells me the way he stopped it is when he runs meetings he simply acknowledges the late comers by saying "Hi, have a seat" and then carries on. They miss on on whatever they missed. No one comes late now!

karen said...

I'm often late (mostly because I find it too hard to say no when I'm on my way somewhere but I am being stricter with my time - learning to say No, I'll have to call you back)... but I don't agree with meetings stopping to accommodate latecomers. That's just bad meeting management. Why would a person bother to come on time when they can catch up in a shorter time.

Lynda said...

I agree, I hate being late and get sooo frustrated with my boys when they muck around getting out of the house. I don't wear a watch either, but my mobile with the time showing is always nearby, or the computer!

Donna said...

I also HATE lateness. My watch battery died & I haven't replaced it for about 3 years. Have my cellphone instead which gives me the time (except I'm naughty remembering to charge it!!). Also every appliance in the house has the time on it, as does the car!
May never wear a watch again!

Ali Dub said...

I can't remember the last time that I wore a watch - who needs one if you have a cell phone, a car, a computer?
Wow I wonder what clockmakers do for a living these days?

Donna said...

Mel, just read your comments on my blog re CD & your daughter. Let me know how you get on. If it's a positive then I'd be v happy to assist. It's all a bit confusing at the start.

Anonymous said...

I don't wear a watch either - if I do I find I 'clock watch' all the time. If I really need to know the time, I check my cellphone if I'm away from my work computer.
Very cool that you're doing SPT.

suz said...

yay you. thought we had something in common there. i dont wear a watch either. my last one was a swatch in 1995.

but um. i'm always late. i dont have excuses. i certainly don't mean to be. i consistently underestimate the time it will take to get to - wherever it is. f'ing useless. i certainly don't expect any special treatment for being late though. bad enough that someone has had to wait for me.

having said that when i meet friends they know i'll be late and time their own entries (or perhaps mess with my head) to suit. and turning up late for kinder isn't alex's idea of a bad thing. lol

i should shut up now.