Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I've just finished a series of 3 classes at Kiwiscraps on using Photoshop Elements. Here is one of my practice attempts. I still need more hours than I have to actually sit and play with the software. The class was great, though.

The quote at the top is something Elliot said a while ago. "I am Elli Boy and there is my Caity Girl". How cute that he loves his big sister (and she even put him to bed tonight - how sweet is that?).

My next task is to make a banner for my blog (and figure out how to install it - the instructions are a bit daunting). And then, I need to figure out how to install new brushes - I love those grunge ones. Watch this space.


karen said...

Great work Mel ... don't you love that you have a blog to practice and display your digiphotography skills!

Lara said...

Cool Mel - love to see what you come up with - look forward to the new banner!

Ali Dub said...

Awwwwwwe cute! Can't wait to see your new banner!

Donna said...

That is fantastic Mel.