Saturday, January 07, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

OK so Karen put me on to this blog called Self Portrait Tuesday . The idea is to take a self portrait once a week (a Tuesday if you can). Think outside the square and see what you can come up with. Hmmm.

First self portrait. No, not a cleavage shot! Photo of one of my most precious possessions. I'm not into expensive jewellery. I prefer bling but this gold necklace is more precious than money. The little pendant is a half sovereign made out of gold. It's one of 5 or 6 half sovereigns my maternal grandmother brought from Wales when she emigrated to New Zealand with her family as a child. When she had grandchildren she started giving them to each grandchild. I am the eldest grandchild so I got the first one. It sat in a metal 'strong' box in my Dad's wardrobe for 30 years but I never claimed it. When my first child was born, unbeknown to me, my husband got the coin from my Dad and had it mounted so I could wear it on a chain. I only had one good gold chain (that said husband purchased for me in Singapore on our honeymoon) and it fitted that perfectly. I almost never take it off. I love that it represents 4 generations of my family. It is a treasure.


Delys said...

Thats a lovely necklace especially for the memories behind the gift. Must do this challenge too!

karen said...

Mel, that is lovely (and a great take on the self-portrait concept too). I would enjoy being close to such a heritage.

Lara said...

it is special with a great history