Saturday, January 07, 2006

Michelle's weekly blog challenge

"There has been so much going on in the past few weeks and although the holidays are filled with fun and festivities, I though that for this weeks challenge we could blog about what things do you most enjoy about being back to the normal again. "

Well, nothing is back to normal in our house yet. Kids off school til 7 and 8 February. DH off work til 15 January. Another visitor (DH's Dad from Nelson) staying. Visitors here for a barbecue tonight (OK, FIL and my parents) -3 lots of of visitors for dinner in past 3 nights. Visit to Te Papa today. Still eating too much. Still not exercising enough - but did do a 5km walk then 10 mins on the exercyle at the gym yesterday. Big bin coming on Monday so we can clear a corner of the garden. Trips planned to the beach, bush walk, Botanic Gardens and fishing next week. So... I'd say it'll be mid-Feb before anything gets remotely 'normal'. But, hey, it's summer and we like it like that!


karen said...

Hi Mel, glad to see you back(!) though you have been busy I see with visitors and lots of activities. Look forward to seeing whether you'll take up the self-portrait challenge.

Delys said...

And I thought my week was busy! lol! you are a busy bee...enjoy all of your plans and visitors!