Sunday, January 22, 2006


OK Karen's been telling me off as I haven't updated my blog for a few days. OMG - the pressure! Reason - it's the school holidays. DH is back at work and I've been kid entertaining. Not too difficult but we have been out and about a bit. A lunch date with DH in Wellington. A visit to Capital E. Gardening. Pool. A fair few barbecues in the evening. Dinner at Ichiban Teppanyaki (we love that place).

Today DH and I cleaned out our walk-in wardrobe (we can walk in now!) and got rid of the final FAT clothes. There are about 1/4 the clothes that were there last week. DH threw out heaps (anyone want a $700 chocolate brown Italian sports jacket - it's way too big for him now!). TradeMe is getting some of the good stuff (I have an amazing Trelise Cooper skirt I don't want to lose but it's too big and I am damn sure I am never going to fit it again). The St Vincent de Paul's are getting the rest. I now own have 1 pair jeans. 2 pairs cut off jeans. 8 tops. 1 jacket. Gym gear. That's now the total sum of my wardrobe but it all fits and it's 3 sizes smaller than the stuff I got rid of. Roll on June (more weight loss and a shopping spree!)

Did find time yesterday to make some cute beaded hearts - there was a project in the latest Your Home and Garden magazine that we twigged a bit. Here they are - not great photos but you get the idea. Wouldn't it be cool to make a heap of these and then let pre-Christmas visitors choose one each to take home as Christmas year!


karen said...

good work Mel! (the updating and the hearts, both!)
Love the hearts and what a great idea for visitor gifts - why wait until Christmas? It would be SO COOL to visit and be given a heart as a momento.

karen said...

Sneaky Mel!! Where's the link to Tarisota Talk to show your 'published' layout eh?? Where where where?

Lara said...

love the hearts - need to check the mag out. I think I'd visit if I was to walk away with a decoration & have your company!