Friday, November 18, 2005


I've always loved the idea of random acts of kindness (did I see that on Oprah many moons ago? I don't care what anyone thinks - I LOVE OPRAH!)

Anyway yesterday the kids came with me to deliver our own random act. Darryn's company has been doing really well and this year they decided to give a few thousand dollars to a charity at Christmas.ohey decided that each of the many shareholders could give $625 to a charity/person of their choice. Darryn decided to give his to KARAHANDS. They are an amazing group of 3 women who share a home in the Hutt Valley. They provide respite care for seriously disabled children/young adults. This means the parents are able to take a break for a couple of days or for a week. Some children come very regularly, some just once a year. There is no set fee - they will take you even if you can't pay. One of the women works fulltime as a nurse to support the household. Best thing is the kids adore being at KARAHANDS. It is such a treat for them and they make special friends and feel special staying there. The house is lovely with a gorgeous country garden with chooks and rabbits.

When we delivered the cheque we could see why kids love to go there. I had explained to the kids about what sort of place it was before we went. My own kids were treated to a tour of the garden and animals and it was such a friendly homely place. We know our little cheque helped them a little but I think we got more out of it than KARAHANDS did. These women are aewsome!

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Delys said...

That is so cool Mel and WTG hubbys company for allowing you to donate that money to such a worthwhile group. Such a neat thing to do ..well done.