Thursday, April 19, 2012


For the Type 1 diabetes community who read my posts here's a review of RapidCalc an iPhone ap for people with Type 1 diabetes.

Mr 12 is on a MDI regime and has recently changed to Lantus and Novorapid. So now he is learning to carb count – something most Type 1 diabetics eventually have to do. While looking for a simple way to calculate and record his insulin requirements we came across an iPhone ap that has been really useful.

The ap is called RapidCalc and costs $10.99 (NZ).

You have to take a few minutes to set up measurement units, correction units, BGL targets, basal and bolus info (like you would have to do for a pump) and then you are ready to go.

To use it you simply:
A) do a blood test and enter the result and
B) enter your planned carb intake (and you have options
about how this is calculated)

RapidCalc then immediately tells you how much shortacting insulin (Novorapid) you should be taking.

You then enter what dosage of insulin you took so that your records can be stored. And for those who may wonder if it’s accurate I manually calculated everything for 3 days just to compare it and RapidCalc was spot on every time.

A really good feature is that at any time you can tell the device to email your results (your entire history or just results since the last email) to your pre-designated email address at the tap of a button. It also creates charts showing actual/target levels.

Rapidcalc can be run on an iPod touch, an iPad or and iPhone.

For kids/adults who like technology it is a fun (and accurate) way to work out and record the important stuff. ( I’m personally not a big ap user but found it really easy to use.)

Now I just have to convince Mr 12's school that he can use his iPod touch during the day at school because it is a medical device!

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