Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lane Tech

Albert G Lane
Technical College Preparatory High School,
Chicago, Illinois - this is where Miss 16 will be spending her school days in 2012.
More than 11,000 students apply for just over 1000 places at this school each year. The school has over 4000 students - that's 1000 kids in your year.
The school day starts at 7.40am. I think, that for Miss 16, that's going to be a culture-shock all by itself!


Janine said...

How exciting for Miss 16 and for you as a family. When does she head there Mel? Wow at the 7.40am, what time do they finish the school day. What a great opportunity and adventure she has to look forward too.

Anonymous said...

i think this high school is awesome and i will like to attend to it next year when i graduate
8th grade so exciting hope they accept me (: