Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Today I went to a birthday lunch with some friends at the bustling Cafe Reka at The Dowse.

At 12.45pm we observed that there was a huge downpour. The heavens just opened.

At 12.51pm the manager banged a water jug with a spoon. All she said was "We would like to observe 2 minutes silence." Interestingly, she didn't say what it was for. She didn't need to. Everyone knew.

Some people stood.
Others sat.
You could hear a pin drop.

Some people cried.

And then the rain stopped.


Jules said...

What a tragedy. :(

Janine said...

I was on the forecourt of Parliament. It bucketed down about 5 to 10 mins after the service. As odd as it sounds, it was nice to be surrounded by others at this time.