Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Dork of the week goes to the person who said to me. "You are lucky E is so good with his diabetes. I'd never be able to get P to inject. Her tummy is so little. And she doesn't like needles."

Excuse me?
Little tummy?
Like needles?
You ****wit!

If you don't inject you die.

Excuse me while I puke.

PS "Dork' doesn't know I blog!


Jenny said...

I agree with you - what a stupid comment! What did you say to this idiot?

Mel said...

Jenny, I said the best thing I could - nothing. Just looked at her as if she was stupid (luckily she is just a passing acquaintance no one I need to worry about really!)

Penny said...

*shakes head* I suppose she was trying to be comforting but man... some people were behind the door when gorm was given out.

Janine said...

shakes head oh no, personally you are being so polite calling this person a dork. Like you said educating us about diabetes is important. But what the dork said was ignorant, really little tummy.

Jules said...

oh dear... i should start dork of the week too. lol. i literally had the 'cat has diabetes' comment a few weeks back.
mel, i invited you to join in a meme post - 'why i blog'. i put the details in my post of the same name. id be interested to read your response if you get any spare time!!

Lisa66 said...

*Shakes head* Some people are just...dumb!
Recently Little Kid was hospitalised due to a severe asthma attack. He was critically ill and the medical team were discussing the option of life support when one of the family members of another patient walked past our cubicle in the resus. unit. "What's wrong with the kid?" he asked. "Asthsma attack, " I replied, hoping that he would nod and leave at that. But no, I got the advice... "You know what's good for asthma? Fresh air. You should take him outside." Yeah, right. It's that simple. Don't know why all those stupid doctors were wasting their time. We should have just taken him outside. *smacks forehead*