Wednesday, February 02, 2011


In the 90s people with Type 1 diabetes had to inject themselves several times a day with a needle precisely 12.7mm long. The needle has to go all the way in. Get out your ruler and take a look. That's a lot of needle.

Although the daily injection regime continues thank goodness when Mr 10 was diagnosed the needle size on a pen injection (one of his insulin devises - he also uses a syringe but that's another story) was down to 8mm. It's still quite long. Nearly a centimetre to be squeezed into your tummy a couple of times a day (or more).

So imagine how excited we were to find out that in November a 4mm needle has been added to the Pharmeceutical Schedule - meaning it's available, subsidised, on prescription.

When we visited the hospital last week we were able to take samples home to try. No more squeezing. It still hurts a bit but it's less daunting.

Roll on more medicsal advances. Because when it somes to needles - size does matter.


Penny said...

ow. ow ow ow. glad they have been able to shrink it.

Rachel F said...

Hi Mel

Seems like ages since we have been in touch - your son is very brave and I am pleased that if only in a small way the new needle will make it a little better for him.
Such a big life change for you all and you are all coping tremendous!

Janine said...

I was squemish reading that in the 90's it was 12.7mm long. Even 8mm still made me sqeumish. I am pleased that there is a 4mm needle available.

How is E enjoying school so far?

Jules said...

I read an article once that said needles and lancers in the 1980's were like hunting knives. Cant help but he grateful for the small advances in dia-technology!

Michael Hoskins said...

They've gotten much better, since my diagnosis in 84. As a kid, I remember thinking those needles were terrible - and they were, in those days. But compared to the ones way long ago, like when my mom was diagnosed in 1958, even the 80s and 90s were rollin good times. I'm so glad that the insulin pumps and syringes now are so incredibly small and thin. I've written a few posts over time about how Size Does Matter, and it's so very true! Thanks for sharing this one!