Tuesday, October 12, 2010


How exciting to see my friend, Bernadette Casey, in the Dompost and also on the TVNZ news tonight.

Bernadette and Sally Shanks own The Formary. I describe them as designers who are saving the earth.

This from their website:

We decided to do it another way…

Moving from designing and producing home wares and furniture to using our specialised knowledge and decades of expertise to meet the demand for workable solutions for the vast amounts of commercial waste generated each year.

Our team of designers, from textile to industrial, in collaboration with our materials engineer now work with industries world wide, providing assistance through de-production processes and extending the useable life of waste products through clever and thoughtful redesign.

Today's big news from their website is this:
Starbucks store interiors are being further enhanced by a revolutionary new textile made from natural and renewable raw materials. Created by The Formary, a New Zealand based design company, using a unique, upcycling process, Starbucks coffee sacks are combined with wool resulting in a new sustainable textile called “WoJo”.

Wojo will be used to upholster seating in Starbucks all around the world.

(photo by Starbucks)

Don't you love that?

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Jenny said...

I saw that - very cool!