Sunday, February 07, 2010


Miss 14 arrived home from doing a good deed early this evening. She was walking the dog around the block and said ”This is weird but I think I’ve just been shot by a BB gun.” And she had.

Turns out some thugs in a pink boy racer car shot her in the thigh from quite close range as they drove past. She was fine but had a big welt on her leg. I called the police, but had no great hopes of any resolution as Miss 14 said she could recognise the car if she saw it again but she didn’t know what type it was and had no idea of the identity of the occupants.

To my surprise the police questioned Miss 14 for ages and then said that the police would visit us later that evening to talk to her.

Imagine our surprise an hour later when a policeman from our local station phoned and asked if we would mind bringing Miss 14 into the station. Turns out she wasn’t the only victim. Someone else had been hit just a block away. And, better still, the second victim got the number plate. Within an hour the police had three suspects in custody. So quickly. Miss 14 had to go in and file a statement. And those losers are being charged.

Moral of the story – if something wrong happens, report it. Even if you think there’s no possible way the cops could get someone. Sometimes they can.

Go the woman who got the number plate. And go the Hutt Valley police!

(And what sad, brain-dead, no-hoper losers some kids are. How did they get like that?)


Lisa66 said...

Glad Miss 14 is OK.
And you're right to wonder what sort of losers would do such a thing. Wish I knew the answer to how they got like that. Who knows... but I suspect a lifetime of not being held accountable for their actions. Maybe Miss 14 did the culprits a favour too. maybe being caught out and hopefully forced to face consequences will make them think twice next time.

Jenny said...

Glad she's okay and I so totally agree on reporting these losers. My #1 reported a flasher and while we haven't heard anything yet, the detective was very pleased at his concise clear description

Lara said...

I"m pleased they were caught and hope Miss 14 heals quickly!

suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

what an awful ordeal! so glad they picked up the jerks.

(you like my underwhelming giveaway? here, take a book off my hands i didn't really like;)

Anonymous said...

Glad those losers got caught. We had our letter box renched off the fence the other day. I reported it to the police who told me that even the smallest of offences should be reported so they can build a crime profile in the area.

Penny said...

oh boy. :( so glad she is ok.

scrapgeek said...

That is scary but go her! Hopefully the idiots will learn their lesson

karen said...

how bizarre. how strange some people are! glad she's okay. and glad that the police had sufficient reports to enable them to take action.