Saturday, December 26, 2009


All Miss 14 wanted for Christmas was a new electric guitar (which she got) but I couldn't resist this grunge doll purchased in July at the Sunday morning Arts Centre market in Melbourne.

And we really didn't need to buy Mr 9 anything for Christmas because while attending the Games Workshop Boxing Day gathering he won $500 worth of Warhammer and Lord of the Rings models. Something to keep him busy during the holidays.

Everyone happy.


Penny said...

ha ha! cool :) Go Elliot!

Janine said...

Happy New Year Mel. Wow, Elliot did so well, thats an amazing prize. Love that grunge doll too. I was astounded by some of the comments in the post you wrote about manners. Thats shocking. But I guess some people just don't think. Very cool about trying something new and giving painting a go.

karen said...

awesome. bonus! what a great gift/prize :) love that grunge doll :)