Wednesday, October 21, 2009


When I see those cheap Jetstar flights I think - it would be cool just to buy a ticket and go somewhere random for a day. But I never do because I'm not really that random.

But my friend K is. Back in May she says. What are you doing on 20 October?

And I can't think of one thing and she says good because we are going to Auckland for that day. Girls trip shopping.

So K and A and I head off bright and early. Airport. Rental car. Newmarket. Red Current for Christmas pressies. Zarbo for lunch. Nuffield Street. Ed Hardy, Trelise Cooper Kids (just browsing - who can afford that stuff?). Dressmart (it's so much better than our Dressmart). Gym gear. More Christmas pressies. Airport. Home.

Credit card not too damaged.

Because when the flight to Auckland is only $10 return - wouldn't you rather be random. And shopping?


Penny said...

very cool idea :)

karen said...

random. so much fun. (I am so rarely random.)