Saturday, May 02, 2009


I admit it - I am not into technology. I have no techno-envy when friends show me their latest iPhone or laptop. Sure I like to use it - but I just want my phone/laptop/iPod to work. I don't care how. And when DH (Techno Man) buys an amazing (read 'we-could-have-bought-another-car') stereo which he's been researching for months online and via his subscription to Tone magazine it's nice but... well... whatever. It doesn't rock me.

So this weekend I have a small problem. The PS2 has been shifted from one room to another and needs to be hooked up. But can I do it? No. And where is Techno Man when you need him? In the Middle East. True.

I try every possible installation option. Nothing. I can't install it.

I decide to email TechnoMan halfway across the world for assistance. Maybe I'll get a response tomorrow.

In the meantime Mr 9 is playing with the TV connections and yells out “I’ve got it “. And he has. I tried for 20 minutes – he tried for 2.

“It’s because you’re a girl, Mum, and I’m an ICT monitor!”


This is Mr 8 turning into Mr 9 a couple of weeks ago.Did you notice the tshirt slogan: How to spot a gamer. Apt.


Penny said...

I'm sure that is what Tim will be like too. ;-)

Mind you... I'm pretty keen on shiny, new techie things.

Lara said...

Funny! I now pay someone to come in & wire stuff up, it's got way too technical.