Friday, May 29, 2009


I have a confession. I am a rule keeper. I obey the rules. In my nearly 44 years I've never had a traffic violation - not even a parking ticket.

So it comes as some surprise to me to learn that I have produced a teenager who is not so bothered about the rules.

This morning I looked at her and said:
Hmm. That wouldn't be eyeliner you're wearing to school would it?

Miss 14:

Ruler keeper:
You could get a clothing detention if a teacher catches you.

Miss 14:
I don't care. T and J (BFs) both have clothing detentions at lunchtime today so if I'm caught I'll just go with them. We'll just chat during detention so it's no big deal. Don't worry about it.

She's right. I shouldn't worry. It's not my problem.

I just wish I was so relaxed.


Lara said...

funny. I'm a bit of a rule keeper too! maybe that's why my son struggles so much...

Lisa66 said...

Oh me too! I am an uptight rule keeper. But when I was a teen I was a rebel - go figure!

Jenny said...

Lol - I'm alos a rule keeper ...... and she's right - it's not your problem :-)

Penny said...

Me too...
*takes a deep breath after reading about Miss 14's rebellion*

Anonymous said...

1.) I don't talk like that
2.) It was Cass not Tesh