Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thanks, Lisa for this cool blog award:

Now it’s my turn to share the love around.

Here’s the deal…

First, share memories or thoughts of childhood or adulthood sister-friends. Funny, sad, whatever.

1. As a kid I remember we 3 girls on road trips with our parents. We'd be in the back seat of our red Holden Belmont and we'd sing and sing (not usually all singing the same song) until our parents would beg for some peace.

2. I remember as a young teen singing a ghoulish folk song by Steel Eye Span over and over to torture Miss K (4 years younger). It had lyrics including "We will prick him, we will pinch him; we will stab him with a pin. And the nurse will hold the basin; for the blood all to run in". She would scream and get my parents to make me stop singing.

3. On a recent Joseph girls excursion to the Martinborough Fair the Joseph girls (me, my two sisters and our Mum) watched the Mamma Mia DVD and relived our youth. We all sang.

4. As a grownup it occurs to me that the girl friends I enjoy spending time with the most are those are still aren't afraid to sing.

Is there a music theme here somewhere???

Second, pass the award on to however many bloggers you’d like to share this with- but make sure you share this award specifically with bloggers that you feel a kinship with. Bloggers you learn from or feel that you teach, bloggers you’ve connected with in a really familiar and friendly way.

So my award goes to:

and anyone reading this who wants an award. It's OK to give one to yourself. You have my permission!


angelgurl said...

You know I get the singing comment you made at the end. I played Mamma Mia on Sunday afternoon and sang like no one could hear me. Although Ann and Mike were in the room. Thanks for the award Mel.

Penny said...

We 3 girls also sang in the car on road trips. We had a special harmonising game that was played whenever we drove over a bridge. All 3 of us would sing a note. One starting with a base, the other 2 following with alto and soprano (I think the musical vocab is "thirds" but can't remember exactly).

I watched Mamma Mia with my husband which was a mistake. I need to watch it with you and Janine I think.

Mim said...

We went to see Mamma Mia at the movies - all 5 of us. The boys loved it just as much as Caitlin and I and even Adam enjoyed it :)

Sandra said...

Hey Mel....I wonder if we are related. My Father's mother's maiden name was Josephs and I think they were a Lower Hutt family???? Her name was Nellie (unfortunately I never met her) but I did meet here brother Harold and have met some of their children.

Any chance??


Sharon said...

Most definitely a music theme runs through your memories. That's wonderful.
Thank you for visiting me and saying so. I love that.