Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have to break my “no really personal stuff on my blog” rule today.

A while ago a friend who has had a series of man troubles over the years said to me “But how do you know that Darryn is the one?” I didn’t have a very good answer. Just shrugged and said “Just know”. But it got me thinking.

I know D’s the one because:
• My answer to the “what would you do if you won Lotto?” question is “spend more time with him”
• His is the only wisdom I seek.
• He doesn’t need me to change.
• The trust is unwavering.
• When we’re watching TV I need to know if he thinks it’s funny so I glance at him only to see him glancing at me to see if I think it’s funny too.
• I’ve never heard him raise him voice in anger.
• He knows what I need.
• Everything comes from love.

There’s more about how he is with our kids, extended family, friends and colleagues but that’s about them and D, not me.

We decided to get married within 2 weeks of first going out.

Twenty years ago today we were married.

And he’s still the one.


Lisa66 said...

Happy anniversary!

Mim said...

Lovely post Mel :)

Happy anniversary!

Angel Gurl said...

Happy Anniversary Mel and D. I just love that photo of you two. I get what you mean.

Penny said...

Happy anniversary!

Lovely post. I also get it.

Tracy said...

Congratulaions and Happy anniversary! Georgous pic!!

Sandra said...

Huge congrats on your 20th Wedding Anniversary.
I wish you many more :-)

scrapgeek said...

Awww! Congrats!!!

Ali said...

Wow at you two! You guys rock - 20years is a long time and no mean feat ... congratulations! Mel you are looking gorgeous too by the way!!