Thursday, September 18, 2008


Our new puppy is a much considered addition to our family. We've been researching dogs and breeds etc for 18 months. We came close to choosing a spoodle (they are so cute) but in the end we went with what we always knew we would get - a labrador retriever. I always said "If we ever get a dog it will be a 'real' dog". (No disrespect to other breeds!)

The puppy is coming from Garrison Labradors in Carterton in the Wairarapa. Raewyn has been breeding dogs for years. They are probably best known for breeding Mark Leishman's famous celebrity dog, Dexter.

The puppy has been named by Mr 8 who has chosen "Indie" as her name (a nod to Indiana Jones but better than Rex or Yoda which were his other suggestions). Miss 13 was allowed to help the breeder with the NZKC registered name which is likely to be Garrison Schokolade. Schokolade is the German word for chocolate and all this litter are getting chocolate names.

Anyway, I digress. This is our first dog. The reason for this post is to ask all you dog owners for tips. We are planning to crate train and I'd love to hear your views (pluses and minuses). Any other training tips and 'how to' gratefully received.She'll be 7 weeks when we get her.


Penny said...

No idea about how to train dogs sorry!! But cute name Mr E :-)

Unitec offers short courses in dog training and I imagine some of the local poly/night schools might do something similar down there? Worth checking it out anyhow. The breeder may well know.

Angel Gurl said...

welcome Indie ( love the name) no idea about trianing dogs though.

Lisa66 said...

Love the name - very cool. Love the breed - as I said we have a black one, but not for much longer sob!

We crate trained our Stafy and it was enormously successful and quick!

More detail later as at boys gymand about to leave!

Mim said...

I'm no use to you. Clara is my first dog and all her training was done by her previous owners. If I'd had to do the puppy thing I doubt we'd have ever got a dog!

scrapgeek said...

I no nothing about dogs - but I did hear an interesting interview on how to get them to behave on National Radio. The link is here:
the article is called Leader of the Pack

Lara said...

sorry, not a dog family... but if I was to have a dog, I'd want a chocolate Lab!!! Enjoy your new addition :-)

Ali said...

Hiya I am sitting here VERY green jelly as I LOVE labs and have had two. Ufortunately can't have them at the moment while we're renting but is definitely on the agenda.

My advice would be to get your pup along to Puppy Obedience Class (a 6 week socilising class)as soon as it's had it's injections and then there are some pretty good Obedience clubs around that will be a great family learning curve.

You've got the perfect name as apparently pups learn better with a two syllable name.

Also ... right from the time you get it home - use its name every time you give it an instruction.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Crate training is good. Have used it with both my springer and curly. They see it as their haven when they need time out and when I need time out too ...
Plus when I travel they are in a huge cage in the back of my ute.
They are good when I get visitors and need them out of the way. I have a a blanket in their cages. One has a small bean bag he loves in it too and the other loves her pillow. They have their fav toy in there too. jessejames