Sunday, August 10, 2008


Blue ribbons today. North Island Karate Tournament in Wellington this past weekend.

Cait competed in the Open (adult) Grade team kata event on Saturday and they came third. One bronze medal.

Sunday saw her competing in the youth events. Another bronze medal in, wait for it, sumo wrestling!!!

And then there was the Randori event (tag sparring). According to wikipedia some karate schools employ the term randori with regard to "mock-combat" in which both competitors move very fast, parrying and attempting acts of extreme violence with all four limbs (including knees, elbows, etc.) yet only ever making the slightest contact. Total control of the body is necessary. Result? One silver medal (After winning 4 fights.)

She's a dark horse sometimes, our Miss 13. We didn't even know she was entering the Randori event until today! One of my friends said today "At least you won't have to worry about her in a dark alley." Ah, but I'm her mother - I'll always worry.

Not a bad haul. Hope the Kiwis in Beijing can do as well!


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Congratulations Cait! How fantastic :)

Penny said...

Well done Cait!!!

Angel Gurl said...

Congrats Caits thats an impressive tally of medals.