Tuesday, July 08, 2008


The last week of the school term saw the Boulcott School school production hit town.

'What's Behind the Green Door' was the story of some children looking for their missing dog in an old house. As they entered each room each class entertained the audience.

Elliot's class were The Bedroom and they performed some dream scenes from Peter Pan.

Mr 8 scored the (auditioned!) role of Captain Hook which didn't require any speaking lines but did involve leading the dance moves from the front - right up his alley. No great photos but all the kids looked great. Scruffy looking Lost Boys (and girls) and Fearsome Pirates galore.


Angel Gurl said...

What a great idea for a school production. E looks very cool as Hook there.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! They look so cute :)

Penny said...

Aaaaaaaaarrrrrr -shiver me timbers 'e looks cool ;)

Lisa66 said...

Great photo, Mel.

Hope the NZ winter is not treating you too badly. I'm feezing my butt off here in Melbourne. (If only that was true!!)

Wishful Thinking said...

Thanks for your support. Really appreciate it.
Cute pirate photo :-)

Lynda said...

Mr 8 looks great.He sure is growing up.It sure is a great feeling watching your children perform on stage with lots of confidense.