Thursday, June 19, 2008


So on Saturday night Miss 13 convinces DH to take her and a friend to see Kiwi band Goodnight Nurse.

There's some crap punk band playing as a support act so Miss 13 asks DH if the girls can go off (by themselves) and grab some dinner quickly. He agrees.

30 minutes later DH texts them to say they'd better come back to the venue as the punk band has finished and Goodnight Nurse would be on stage soon.

Text comes back from Miss 13: "No worries Dad, we won't miss anything. We're having dinner with a guy from the band!" (Except of, course it was written in txt-speak which would have confused me - DH is more up with the play).

It seems they had bumped into their friend, J and J's Mum's PA is the sister of Sam McCarthy (the guitarist from Goodnight Nurse). So they all had dinner together.

All that excitement BEFORE the concert.

OMG - I tell you, those girls were humming when they got home!


Angel Gurl said...

wow all that excitment before the show, thats a pretty cool memory the concert would have been the icing on the cake after that.

Penny said...

wow - that would have made their night I'd say :)

Mim said...

That's kinda cool :)

Lara said...

wahoo on winning the comp below & very cool about the pre-show excitement!