Friday, May 30, 2008


When Cait was little she asked me if I was famous.Why?

'Because everyone has a holiday on your birthday.'

Well I'm not famous but one of the perks of being born on the 2nd of June is that I can pretty much guarantee that come my birthday there will be a long weekend.

Quite a nice birthday present for a queen!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday for the 2nd :)
Well timed!

ANgel Gurl said...

Happy Birthday Mel

Penny said...

Happy birthday!

Lisa66 said...

Happy birthday, Mel. All the best people are born around this time of year (it was my b'day on thursday!)

Have a good one!

Rachel Forrester said...

Happy Birthday Mel! I still quietly stalk your site. When is kiwi Scraps going to have another cc, we are looking forward to the trip up and perhaps we can catch up again.

Mim said...

Happy Birthday Mel! My mum, her twin sister and my dad are on the 13th and 15th of June so the June long weekend has always been associated with birthday parties for me too, just not my own :)