Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A spur of the moment Easter holiday trip to Ohakune.

Mr 7 was in his element at the Waiouru army museum.

Before looking at the signs:
Dad: Is that a Churchill tank, do you think?
Mr 7: No, Dad. That is a Sherman tank. Did you know that the Sherman was the American's most powerful tank in World War II? And look over there. There's a British Morris tractor. It was used to send in 25 pounder gun reinforcements.

Miss 12 liked seeing the Tangiwai Disaster memorial as she'd recently read about it. But what she most enjoyed were the 'sacrificial carrots' someone with a sense of humour had left at the base of Ohakune's famous Big Carrot.

Me, I'm back on the weight-loss journey. Despite 6 meals in restaurants/cafes over the Easter week I managed to lose 2.4kg this week. Still playing catchup with the Christmas weight gain, I'm afraid.

And we came home minus the Land Rover - but that's another story.


Angel Gurl said...

gotta love impromtu trips. I hope the story about the landrover being left behind is because its been sold and you and the family were not in an accident?

Anonymous said...

I love that carrot :)
Hope nothing too awful happened with the car.

Penny said...

Ack - I hope the landrover didn't elope with the tank or something.

LOL at the sacrificial carrots!

Elliott knows his stuff.

Ali said...

Oh dear, sounds like the landrover is a little worse for wear ... hope you get sorted soon babe.

Can't believe how your kids are growing up .... been a while since I've caught up with your blog.

Rachel Forrester said...

Hi Mel

Gosh you are looking so good, good for you for getting back on the waggon. What are you doing again to loose your weight, I SO NEED to get off my butt and get some serious weight loss happening out running but keep stuffing my mouth full!
Mr 7 seems to be very knowlegable - go him!

Debbie said...

Sounds like an awesome trip....yay for big carrots...