Sunday, January 27, 2008


Fly fishing is a complex sport - one day when I have hours and hours of free time (in my dreams) I plan to learn. DH managed two afternoons of fly fishing when we were camping at the Waiohine Gorge in the Wairarapa a couple of weeks ago. Usually he only gets to fly fish a couple of times a year. Despite fishing for over ten years he tells me he is still a novice because he doesn't practice often enough.

Today Elliot had his first go at fly fishing courtesy of the Wellington Fly Fishers club

He caught two trout - 388 and 396grams. He was happy. He had help with the casting but reeled them in himself. He was shown how to dong them on the head. He proudly took them home and helped Daddy gut them (terrible mother that I am I told him that "gutting fish was a good job for boys. Just give me the fillets!"). He wrapped them in tinfoil parcels with slices of tomato, red onion, basil, olive oil and a splash of riesling. And we cooked them on the barbecue.

Do you know what? Those little 2 year old trout were the tastiest I have eaten. Way better than the big 5 pounders DH has hauled home.

If you live the Wellington region keep an eye on the Wellington Flyfishers Club website as 2-3 times a year they give away tickets to this kids fishing event. Tickets are free but you must register at Stirling Sports in Willis St, Wellington. You get allocated a time slot (an hour) and expert fishers are on hand and will show you what to do.

Elliot's verdict. "I caught a real fish with my own hands. And I cooked it."

A hunter and a cook - that's pretty useful in my book!


Anonymous said...

What a clever boy! Tasty way of cooking them too :)

Penny said...

The person who catches the fish is in charge of gutting them too I always say ;)

Go Elliott! An experience he won't forget that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel

Whast a cool post! Well done Elliot good job - i still have NEVER caught a fish (could be that if they don't want to jump on straight away then i am not waiting!)
Keep up the blogging Mel - I still check in once a week to catch up on your happenings - oh and well done on the weight loss could you please send some of you will power my way!
Rachel Forrester

Lara said...

fresh fish is the best! I love watching fly fisherman as it looks so gentle yet so quick if that makes sense.

scrapgeek said...

Well done him - he looks so proud :)

Jessejames said...

Trout - I tasted it for the first time at Karens last year when I picked up my camera. Its lovely. So good for you Elliott and good for you Mel making him experience the "gutting" bit ... hehe