Monday, December 10, 2007


The Maven Christmas party was this year held at the wonderful Villa Margarita. A Cuban theme. Cuban (well South American) fancy dress, archery, frisbee golf (whatever that is?), a pig on a spit, black beans and rice, margeritas, Cuban band, and salsa dance lessons. Fun.

And to top it off the Thorns stayed at Villa Margarita for the night. Great venue for a corporate function or a romantic night away. Check out their website

That's me in the red having my first archery lesson. I won the prize for being the most useless at it. One of my shots totally missed the target and surrounding area and shot over the fence on the top of the hill and threatened a sheep or an alpaca or something! I'll stick to scrapbooking!


Mim said...

Looks like fun - margaritas and a pig on a spit - what more could one ask for?!

I have a bit of a thing for archery, I was Robin Hood for several years from the age of 3 and I've never quite let go of the ambition ;-) I now own a long bow of my very own but have yet to organise myself into having a chance to fire it.

Roo said...

lol at the archery skills. You look very lovely though - love the red. Stunning place for a party.

Janine aka Angel gurl said...

what a fantastic idea for a party and wow you look stunning in that dress. Archery lol well at least you won a prize right?? lol

Penny said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! And you do look awesome in that red dress. :)

scrapgeek said...

Cool!! What fun and I love the dress!

Jessejames said...

Hey that dress is stunning! Thanks for the entertainment regarding the firing of the thing ... come up here and I will take you for gun target practice - here in Animal Control we practice on yellow phone books in a paddock with a 22. You will love it!