Tuesday, November 13, 2007


E (age 7) doesn't much like writing. The physical act of writing. He has lots of ideas but getting them on paper is hard. So tonight when he had to write a story (around their space theme) for homework he asked me if he could tell it to me. Could Mumma write it down? So I did. This is E's story. Dictated by him. Verbatim.

Crypto the Martian Part 1

There once was a green Martian named Crypto. He lived on a meteor with his Martian friends. He was tired of the meteor. Nothing new happened there. He dreamed of moving to Jupiter or Earth and finding somewhere more exciting to call home.

But Martians do not have any technology. He did not have a rocket. How would he get to a new home? Crypto thought and thought. He realised all his technology was in his own brain. And with his brain he could teleport.

Crypto said “I can use my brain to teleport to a better place.” So he teleported to Earth.
On Earth Crypto was amazed to find some other Martians playing in a forest. He said “Hello my fellow Martians” but they could not understand him. Crypto realised they were just humans in fancy dress. He found there was no one like him. He had no one to talk to. He was sad. He missed his Martian friends.

So Crypto teleported back to his meteor. He was so pleased to see his friends. He was home. Home is where your friends are. Then he was happy.

The end

By Elliot Thorn -age 7


Janine said...

Thats is one impressive story E. I have to giggle becuase I like to say "The End" at the end of my stories.

scrapgeek said...

Now that is cool!

Sandra said...

Please tell Elliot I enjoyed his story :-}

Penny said...

I wish I could teleport.

Great story E :)

suz said...

love this. love doing this too.
haven't visited for a while :). congrats on the linen win - how very cool!