Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Oops. I nearly forgot. Before we get to the end of September I need to show you something.

As of 1 September AMR Consulting is no more. The place where DH spends many more daylight hours than he spends at home has re-branded. They are now known as... (The new website is being developed.)

Do you know what a Maven is? I didn't (and I thought I was well read!).

But now I know.

(and a PS to those who wanted to know where I met Colin Meads - it was at the 'Thrive Wellington' seminar ).


Janine said...

There you go you learn something new everyday. Love the rebranding logo and colours.

scrapgeek said...

I like the logo. And yes, I know what it means - but only because I read the Tipping Point a few years back.

Penny said...

Cool logo! Yep - I did know, only because I read a blog that uses that term...